Tacoma Asphalt Patching


Tacoma, WA property owners are increasingly opting for asphalt driveways. If you need asphalt paving or black top paving, you can go for our driveway paving services. Looker Asphalt offers high quality asphalt paving and patching services, since 1974. Our durable asphalt paving and patching will ensure a long driveway life in addition to enhancing the look of your property.

Why you must go for asphalt patching:

  • Asphalt patching for potholes and cracks
  • Asphalt patching for poor surfacing and water damage
  • Asphalt patching for worn out asphalt paving and broken lanes
  • Asphalt patching in case of damage due to age of paving

We offer professional services at competitive prices. Our workers are experienced in asphalt driveways and black top paving.

Tacoma Black Top


Beautiful Tacoma homes and urban business centers need to be complemented by well surfaced commercial roads, lots, and driveways, and asphalt patching or black top paving is the best solution. Durable and super strength black top paving is needed when it comes to beautification of a property or preventing deterioration due to wear and tear or weather.

Black top paving and repair by experts:

  • State of the art repair techniques
  • Sophisticated technologies
  • Premium quality building material and applications
  • Professional and safe project execution
  • Skilled repairmen supervised by experts

With timely maintenance tasks of black top paving, like crack sealing and pothole repair, you can enhance the life of your black top driveway up to 15 years. Perfect black top paving in Tacoma also adds to the curb appeal of your property. Only a specialized asphalt patching and black top paving company can offer you the right services.

Our asphalt patching Tacoma services are affordable, superior and hassle free. Contact us today for a no obligation asphalt patching quote.

Tacoma Driveway Paving


Whether it is commercial asphalt patching or driveway paving, black top surfacing or crack sealing, we can handle all these and much more. We have done it in the past and can do it for you.

Benefits of choosing us for driveway paving in Tacoma include:

  • Quick and prompt driveway paving Tacoma area repair
  • Professional service within the timelines
  • High quality workmanship by professionals
  • Safe and hassle free driveway paving work
  • The most cost effective driveway paving solutions
  • Long lasting results

Bring back the joy of driving and improve the curb appeal of your property through our proficient driveway paving Tacoma service. We offer superior driveway paving, black top surfacing and commercial grade asphalt patching. Call Looker Asphalt at 253-448-3888 for more details.