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trucks-spanaway-WAStarted as a family owned business venture, Looker Asphalt Inc. has quickly gained a firm foothold in the asphalt services industry of Spanaway, WA. The company has proved itself over the years as a premier asphalt paving, repair and maintenance contractor.

Asphalt paving projects of all sizes are handled and executed with the same level of professionalism and commitment.

Our premier asphalt services and solutions such as road, parking lot and driveway paving; and asphalt patching have satisfied clients from varying categories such as municipalities, residential, and industrial and commercial complexes. 

Asphalt Repair * Asphalt Maintenance * ASPHALT PAVING SPANAWAY

employees-spanaway-WAAsphalt is the primary material used in constructing roads and building pavements. It gives a sturdy surface, and a smooth and lustrous black top to the drive. Repeated use and weather conditions cause gradual wear and tear of the paving.

The damage initially appears in the form of cracks and crevices on the surface and it is best to repair them at this stage. Otherwise they develop into bigger fissures and potholes and gross neglect can even lead to serious destruction of the paving foundation.

In such a case, complete re-laying of the road or driveway paving may be the only solution.

However, it is too costly an option and it makes more sense to undertake timely repairs through crack filling and asphalt patching. Regular maintenance and upkeep is needed to prolong the life of the paving.


  • Filling cracks
  • Sealing and Patching Potholes
  • Asphalt Repair and Seal Coating
  • Cold and Hot Asphalt Patching Repairs
  • Asphalt Recycling



residential-paving-spanaway-WALooker Asphalt Inc. has been contributing to the beauty of Spanaway, WA by maintaining the shine and smoothness of asphalt drives throughout the city. The reasons why you should pick us over the other asphalt paving contractors are:

  • Our business stands on the pillars of honesty, integrity, trust and commitment
  • Our asphalt services are the most economically and are genuinely priced
  • We guide our customers with a free estimate of the project and encourage their full involvement
  • The project deadlines are strictly adhered to
  • Our crew consists of qualified, knowledge and certified technicians
  • We use top quality materials and state-of-art machinery to deliver durable and lasting results


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