Port Orchard Asphalt Patching


An attractive driveway enhances the beauty, security and aesthetics of your house. If you are looking to for asphalt patching or black top paving in Port Orchard, WA, look no further than Looker Asphalt Inc. We have been in the business of driveway paving since 1974. We have installed great looking, robust and affordable driveways for several homes and commercial properties.

Why asphalt patching in Port Orchard:

  • Asphalt patching is pliable and durable
  • Asphalt patching can withstand cold weather
  • Asphalt is easy to maintain as compared to concrete
  • Asphalt patching is less expensive than concrete
  • Asphalt patching can be installed in a couple of days
  • Black color helps in absorbing heat and melting snow

You can rely on us for installing asphalt patching for your walkway or driveway paving. We also fix potholes caused by the rainwater logging in driveway paving.

Port Orchard Black Top


Is the sleek black top of your driveway or its path been completely withered away? Don’t worry, you can get repaving or repair done by our black top paving Port Orchard area experts. Timely black top paving maintenance is required to increase its life. Hence, you must never ignore even small cracks and potholes as they can become major and risky later on.

Black top paving in Port Orchard - things to know:

  • Sometimes, the whole path is torn out to create a new black top path
  • Mostly it takes around a week to repair the path
  • The whole path is remade with sand, gravel and bricks
  • Asphalt is poured after seasoning the previous layer
  • If you want it to be weatherized, it can be done by applying a seal coat

We can offer timely, apt and professional black top paving Port Orchard services. Call us for a free consultation and a no obligation black top paving quote.

Port Orchard Driveway Paving


After the heavy rain that Port Orchard suburbs experiences, driveway paving gets highly damaged. However, with years of experience, we know how to ensure prolonged longevity of driveway paving in Port Orchard so that it can endure the pressure of snowfall or rain.

Why choose us for driveway paving, crack sealing and seal coating:

  • Expert driveway paving skill and technology
  • Economical driveway paving and seal coating rates
  • Hassle free and safe execution of driveway paving
  • Amazing results, shiny and sleek driveway paving

Looker Asphalt, Inc. ensure flawless and durable asphalt patching, driveway paving, and repair in the Port Orchard area. Call 253-448-3888 to get in touch.