Yelm Asphalt Repair


Strength and durability are two features of asphalt that make it a popular paving material. However, the longevity of asphalt surfaces is often undermined by:

  • Shoddy installation
  • Poor upkeep
  • Constant exposure to the elements

The impact of these factors is a premature need for asphalt repair. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you hire the right professionals to install your asphalt pavement and then maintain the surface properly.

Any damage to the surface must be fixed right away by skilled asphalt repair specialists. Looker Asphalt, Inc. is the go-to expert for asphalt repair services in the Yelm, WA area.

In business since 1974, our company will fix all sorts of minor and major damages to asphalt paving. Whether you need asphalt crack repair, pothole asphalt patch repair or asphalt milling and resurfacing, we assure you of the finest asphalt repair services available around Yelm.

Yelm Asphalt Patch


Asphalt patch filling and sealing is a cost-efficient solution for fixing weak areas in the pavement like potholes. Either hot or cold mix can be used while working with this asphalt repair technique.

We specialize in both asphalt cold patch and hot asphalt patch repair methods. Our technicians can be hired for patching big cracks or potholes in roads, streets, sidewalks, driveways, walkways, tennis courts, and other asphalt surfaces.

Working diligently with top-grade asphalt mixes, we assure our customers needing asphalt patch repair services in Yelm that their job is done:

  • Seamlessly
  • Per the local codes
  • In the shortest time possible
  • With an eye on optimizing the surface life

Call us today to discuss the damage or deterioration of your pavement and learn if our asphalt patch repair would be an appropriate solution.

Yelm Asphalt Crack Repair


Is your asphalt blacktop beginning to crack? Do not ignore the issue. The crack may seem to be just an eyesore right now but can be the start of the demise of your pavement.

Asphalt crack repair work should not be delayed. Protect your paving investment by calling us for asphalt crack repair in your Yelm area property as soon as you observe fissures developing in the blacktop.


  • Send over licensed technicians to do the job
  • Fix the damage using quality asphalt crack repair products
  • Keep asphalt repair costs in check with competitive prices

Turn to Looker Asphalt, Inc. for all your asphalt patch filling and asphalt crack repair needs in the Yelm area. Call (253) 448-3888.