Centralia Asphalt Paving Contractor


While asphalt surfaces give a neat look to driveways and other areas, they are prone to damage. Getting asphalt patching done is an excellent way to mend small potholes and preventing them from growing large. Call in experts to handle asphalt paving repairs or to get new driveway paving done on your property.

Let Looker Asphalt, Inc. offer their services as an established asphalt paving contractor in the Centralia, WA area. As an experienced asphalt paving contractor, we offer the best asphalt patching services to all our clients, regardless of whether the project is small or big.

Call us for the following services:

  • Driveway paving
  • Asphalt patching or repairs
  • Site preparation
  • Commercial paving

Being a reliable asphalt paving contractor, we never compromise our workmanship and quality of materials used. We know that our clients trust us for paving their driveways, parking areas and other areas strong enough to bear the daily onslaught of vehicles as well as natural elements.

Centralia Asphalt Patching


Asphalt maintenance is essential to ensure that the asphalt surfaces stay strong and useful. You need a qualified and credible asphalt paving contractor who will assess the problems with the paved areas and provide the appropriate solutions.

Rely on us for asphalt patching services in Centralia as we have successfully completed several projects in the past. Call us for asphalt patching the surfaces that are:

  • Sunken
  • Exposed
  • Cracked or damaged
  • Raised by roots or water damage

We provide asphalt patching using the latest machines and equipment that enable us to complete the work efficiently and quickly. If you are worried about the cost of asphalt paving get in touch with us to get an estimate.

Centralia Driveway Paving


If you have recently moved to a new home that has no driveway or the existing driveway is in bad shape, you should call in for an experienced asphalt paving contractor for driveway paving.

Count on us for new or existing driveway paving around Centralia. We recommend using asphalt for driveway paving as it has several benefits over other materials. Here are some benefits of using asphalt for driveway paving in Centralia:

  • Safe
  • Visually appealing
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective

Working on your project from start to finish, we assure you that you would get hassle-free services from us. Call Looker Asphalt, Inc. at (253) 448-3888 when you need the services of an asphalt paving contractor in the Centralia area.