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residential-asphalt-paving-spanaway-WASince 2008, Looker Asphalt Inc. has been fulfilling the asphalt & paving repair needs of Spanaway, WA. With an experienced owner and a highly skilled crew of eight, Looker Asphalt Inc. has steadily risen to become the leader in the asphalt industry.

Our expertise lies in road layout, and residential as well as commercial driveway installation and parking lot construction. We offer our services to residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional clients and guarantee their satisfaction with the quality results delivered by us.



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Most of the parking lots, driveways, pathways and roads are constructed using asphalt. Even the old gravel and concrete pavements in Spanaway, WA are being re-laid with asphalt. Although it is a sturdy material and has a relatively longer life; such paving requires regular care and maintenance.

The pavement surface is in the open and exposed to the weather, while bearing extremely heavy weights all the time. It deteriorates and cracks up, and if left unattended, the cracks grow into potholes. Besides looking unsightly, these potholes and uneven surfaces can prove to be a harmful residential-asphalt-paving-spanaway-WAhindrance to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Immediate repairs as soon as the damage becomes apparent ensure quick and inexpensive restoration of the smooth and lustrous black top of the pavement. If the tarmac damage is ignored, it aggravates and leads to more extensive, time-consuming and costly treatments.

Looker Asphalt Inc. is the contractor you can rely on for all your needs related to asphalt paving, repaving, repair and maintenance.



  • Crack Filling
  • Pothole Sealing
  • Asphalt Patching
  • Seal Coating
  • Cold Asphalt Patching Repairs
  • Hot Asphalt Patching Repairs
  • Asphalt Recycling



trucks-asphalt-paving-spanaway-WALooker Asphalt Inc. is the best solution to your asphalt and paving related problems. Our service features include:

  • We have vast experience of providing asphalt services and have innumerable satisfied customers
  • We offer a free estimate to our customers and guide them to the most economical way to solve their problem
  • Our terms of service are genuine and free from ambiguity
  • We deploy highly-advanced machinery, and qualified, certified and licensed operators to fulfill the project
  • Timely and impeccable project completion is assured
  • Our technicians are adept at handling big as well as small projects


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