Yelm Asphalt Patching


The city of Yelm, WA is one of the top ten emerging cities in Washington State. Proudly called the pride of the prairie, Yelm property owners, both homeowners and commercial place owners have black top driveways, or an asphalt driveway, owing to the features and benefits of asphalt. One company you can rely on for asphalt patching or driveway paving is Looker Asphalt, founded in 1974.

Asphalt patching in Yelm is preferred by property owners as it is resistant to harsh winters and wear and tear. Apart from this, it is affordable, easy to maintain and can last long if sealing is done well.

We have carried out:

  • Asphalt patching for homeowners
  • Asphalt patching for hotels
  • Asphalt patching for schools
  • Asphalt patching for hospitals
  • Asphalt patching for companies
  • Asphalt patching for institutions

Apart from black top paving and asphalt patching in Yelm, we also offer immediate filling of troublesome potholes and cracks for smooth, bump free rides.

Yelm Black Top


Damaged or patchy black top paving or driveway paving calls for maintenance. Whether you have an asphalt driveway or black top paving in Yelm, maintenance is necessary once it is 6 months old. Sealing needs to be done on asphalt driveway paving or black top paving every 3 to 5 years for long lasting results.

Black top paving maintenance must never be ignored:

  • Annoying potholes can cause damage to vehicles and humans
  • Deteriorated black top paving looks uninviting
  • Irritating cracks and breaks pose accident threats
  • Worn out black top drives lead to bumpy car rides

We offer perfect asphalt driveway and black top paving solutions that are implemented quickly. If there are any immediate black top paving repairs, contact us for long lasting black top maintenance.

Yelm Driveway Paving


Patchy, cracked or damaged driveway paving in Yelm looks ugly and uninviting. They need repair and maintenance after every three years for best results. If you are suffering bad car rides and jolting road bumps, then it is time to repair the potholes, driveway paving and worn out black tops with industrial strength asphalt patching solutions:

  • Instant road filling and black top layering with high quality mix
  • Commercial asphalt paving and driveway paving for seamless roads
  • Prompt execution of repair and maintenance
  • Top quality driveway paving in Yelm
  • Permanent solution to potholes and driveway cracks in Yelm

Contact Looker Asphalt for prompt and permanent asphalt paving, black top surfacing and driveway paving. Call 253-448-3888 for smooth, problem free lots and driveways in Yelm for years to come.