University Place Asphalt Patching


Driveways are part of all properties, whether it is a home, school, hotel, university or shopping mall. Driveway paving often gets damaged due to weather, aging and other reasons, and this is why timely asphalt patching services is needed. Numerous potholes and cracks also develop over a period that need professional asphalt patching and pothole repair services. Look no further than Looker Asphalt, established in 1974 serving the University Place community.

Why is asphalt patching in University Place and asphalt driveways popular?

  • Asphalt patching and driveways are durable
  • Asphalt patching and driveways are ideal for snow areas
  • Asphalt patching and driveways are easy to maintain
  • Asphalt patching and driveways are within most budgets

Apart from these benefits, asphalt driveway paving can be installed in a couple of days. And since the color black helps in absorbing the heat of the sun heat during snowfall, snow melts fast. We also provide cracks and pothole repair service.

University Place Black Top


Do you know that by proper maintenance of your black top paving in University Place, you can boost its life to approximately 15 years. Perfect black top paving in University Place also improves the look of your property. Also, the risk of accidents are reduced. We provide specialized black top paving University Place area services for residential and commercial properties.

Commercial grade black top paving and repairs effectively removes all driveway and parking lot problems, like:

  • Bumps and potholes in roads and driveway paving
  • Damages due to water penetration and cracks in black top paving
  • Prevents accidents due to damaged roads
  • Breaks or cracks in asphalt paving and black top paving

In addition to the above benefits, black top paving, black top resurfacing and asphalt patching also beautify the surface, creating a perfect picture. We can help you in black top paving in University Place.

University Place Driveway Paving


Unavoidable bumps, annoying potholes and cracks in driveway paving can now be quickly and permanently removed by asphalt patching that will:

  • Effectively cover up all walkway blemishes and driveway paving
  • Repair cracks and potholes through crack sealing
  • Provide seamless black top surfacing service

High quality driveway paving in University Place, including asphalt patching done by professionals exhibits not only the superior strength of the filling mix but also excellent workmanship of the skilled repairmen. Get rid of all driveway paving problems by crack sealing or seal coating and enjoy smooth black top driveway paving by calling for our driveway paving University Place area services.

Looker Asphalt offers unmatched and supreme asphalt patching, driveway paving and repair services in the University Place area. Call 253-448-3888 today!