Sumner Asphalt Patching


You may own the most beautiful house in the neighborhood, but what about the condition of your walkway or driveway? Is it perfectly mended and smooth? A wrecked and eroded driveway paving is like an eyesore or scar. Looker Asphalt offers complete asphalt patching, black top paving and driveway paving services to the Sumner property owners. Offering driveway paving service since 1974, we are masters of our work.

Who are increasingly installing asphalt patching in Sumner?

  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Companies
  • Institutions
  • Homeowners

Top reasons to install asphalt patching in Sumner are that it is rough and tough, economical, easy to maintain and long lasting. This is why most property owners are opting for asphalt patching in Sumner. Go for our asphalt patching Sumner services and add to the beauty of your property.

Call our experts for a visit to your property and give you an estimate of costs. Apart from driveway installation, you can also call us for repairing potholes and cracks. We are a professional asphalt patching company with years of experience and you can surely rely on us.

Sumner Black Top


Living in a well-maintained house with a perfectly maintained black top paving sounds picture perfect. Taking out a luxurious car through a rugged driveway pavement is not a good idea. Damaged black top paving with cracks and potholes can result in serious accidents.

All you need to do is to take professional help from a local company ensuring 100% quality asphalt patching and black top paving in Sumner. Depending on the black top paving, our experts will help you decide to repair, re-pave or newly install the driveway.

Accordingly, black top paving builders will:

  • Do soil tests to know if the sub-grade is apt for re-paving
  • If not, they will dig the soil to make a new base for a black top driveway
  • Repair the potholes by filling gravel, sand and stone
  • Inspect the surroundings and fix accordingly
  • Finally, will pour and pave the driveways with asphalt

With regular maintenance of black top paving in Sumner, you can make your home look attractive and win compliments from guests. Only an experienced builder in asphalt patching and black top paving can serve you the best.

Sumner Driveway Paving


After a period of time, driveway paving in Sumner starts to deteriorate. Cracks and/or potholes develop due to rain and/or snowfall. Get the cracked driveway paving fixed by asphalt patching, which is the sturdiest and the most durable material, mostly chosen when it comes to walkway or driveway paving.

  • Get driveway paving repair done after rain and winter
  • Call an experienced builder for driveway paving
  • Seal the cracks with seal coating

Get in touch with a licensed and accredited builder, Looker Asphalt, who can easily fix the cracks and potholes in your driveway or front yard. Call 253-448-3888 for a no obligation quote.