Olympia Asphalt Patching


Houses in the beautiful suburb of Olympia, WA are built with architectural skills. Most importantly, the walkways and the driveways are neatly paved with asphalt for the amazing longevity the material assures. Looker Asphalt offers remarkable asphalt patching, black top paving and driveway paving services, since 1974.

If you are living in Olympia, thinking about your home’s driveway paving, you can go for asphalt patching blacktop paving paths. If need be, you can go for pothole repair too. We are a leading name when it comes to pothole repair, asphalt patching, or driveway paving in Olympia.

Why asphalt driveway and asphalt patching in Olympia?

  • Quite economical, especially for large jobs
  • Asphalt patching a driveway is easy
  • When sealed properly, it lasts for years
  • Perfect for places with severe cold
  • Asphalt patching is weather-resistant

Our asphalt patching or black top paving services are affordable, superior and hassle free. Contact us today for a no obligation asphalt patching and paving quote.

Olympia Black Top


If you have black top paving in Olympia, we can assure you remarkable black top paving maintenance services. Asphalt has brilliant features that attract most property owners when it comes to driveways. The toughness and other features of asphalt, as mentioned above, win the trust of most builders and homeowners to go for black top paving in Olympia. However, black top paving needs to be repaired on time for years of performance.

Things to know about black top paving in Olympia:

  • Revamp the old and broken walkways, driveways or black top paving
  • The builders repair the whole road by pouring and paving the asphalt
  • Mostly the old path is wiped off and the builders make them new
  • The seal coat is laid on top of the road to make it look polished and sleek

Olympia Driveway Paving


Repairing the cracks, rough driveways, and worn stripes are best done with asphalt. We offer quality asphalt driveway paving, crack sealing and seal coating solutions. We are experienced in this work. That’s why we use suitable techniques when it comes to repairing the broken edges of the roadways, cracks and potholes on driveways.

About driveway paving, crack sealing and seal coating:

  • Examining the cracks for driveway paving Olympia
  • When cracks are not that deep, we patchwork the fissures by seal coating
  • Else, we break off the area and fill it with gravel and sand
  • Finally we pour the asphalt to smoothen the driveway paving

Contact Looker Asphalt Inc, a reliable company for asphalt patching, black top paving and driveway paving services in Olympia. Call 253-448-3888 today!