Lacey Asphalt Patching


Consider repairing the asphalt patching and potholes on your driveway before and after the rain and winter - not only for a better driving experience but also to prevent accidents. Asphalt patching is the chosen option of most builders and property owners in Lacey, WA because of the sturdiness and durability of the material. If you want a sleek and shiny driveway, get asphalt paving and asphalt patching by Looker Asphalt, established in 1974.

Potholes and cracks on roads can be fixed using asphalt patching. After repairing your driveway pavement with asphalt patching, you can expect the prolonged durability of the renovation. We are a well-known name in:

  • Hot and cold mix asphalt patching in Lacey
  • Surface asphalt patching in Lacey
  • Partial depth asphalt patching
  • Full removal, repaving and patching

We also do pothole repair for Lacey property owners by checking the potholes & cracks that demand immediate repairing.

Lacey Black Top


A broken and damaged driveway is definitely an eyesore. Post winter, most homeowners are busy repaving the front walk and the driveways that are almost destroyed after the severe snowfall and ice. Get connected with a patching and paving expert who can visit you and give you an estimate of the black top paving and repair cost and the things that are required for renovation.

If you want a sleek and smart black top paving once again, asphalt patching is the solution. For the best black top paving in Lacey, we will

  • Black top paving: Drill out the damaged patches of concrete/asphalt
  • Black top paving: Repair the potholes and pour asphalt on driveway paving

As soon as the asphalt driveway paving dries up, you will get the shiny and neat black top paving once again to walk and drive out your car from the garage.

Lacey Driveway Paving


Having a smart and smooth driveway paving is what we all want. If you have a damaged and cracked driveway, repair it now by contacting our reputed asphalt patching and driveway paving Lacey area company.

  • Driveway paving: examining the cracks
  • Driveway paving: sealing the fissures

Make your driveway smoother and shinier by getting our asphalt patching, black top paving and driveway paving services. Call 253-448-3888 to get connected with Looker Asphalt, serving the Lacey residents.