Lacey Asphalt Driveway


If you are considering having an asphalt driveway paving, you should be careful about which company you choose to do the job for you. Professionals are best as they have the know-how and equipment to get the job done well and quickly.

Looker Asphalt Inc. has been in the forefront of services for asphalt driveway paving and parking lot paving in Lacey, WA. Since 1974, the company has been making it their business to provide reliable, efficient and affordable services to residents in the Lacey area.

Today, Dan Looker and his three sons continue to provide excellent services when it comes to asphalt driveway paving and parking lot paving in Lacey. Their name is trusted by many residents and they have a large following of loyal clients who opt only for them for any asphalt paving projects.


Lacey Driveway Paving


Asphalt driveway paving or parking lot paving is a popular choice for many Lacey property owners, both commercial and residential. The material has properties that make it the best one for roads, parking lots and driveways. Choosing asphalt paving is a wise choice due to the following reasons:

  • It is low-maintenance and durable
  • It is less slippery than concrete
  • It takes less time to be installed compared to concrete paving
  • It is flexible enough to conform to changes in soil
  • Its weather-resistance is superb
  • It is less expensive than concrete whether it is installation or repairs

Commercial properties are also opting for asphalt for parking lot paving. Lacey business owners are able to save a large sum of money; and as a bonus, they do not need to hire an extra crew to make sure that damages are quickly repaired. Asphalt paving is a great choice no matter what type of property you own.


Lacey Parking Lot Paving


Asphalt paving is an investment whether it is for asphalt driveway paving or parking lot paving in Lacey. This is exactly why you need to be certain that the crew you hire is experienced and skilled at their job. A job that is clumsily done can cost more in the long run so make sure that you find a company that is reliable and honest.

Looker Asphalt Inc. has been in business for nearly 40 years now and we have not lost our place as one of the top companies in the industry even after all these years. Contact us immediately and get a free estimate before the asphalt driveway paving or parking lot paving project starts and leave your property to the best hands in the business.