Burien Asphalt Driveway


Looker Asphalt Inc. is one of the most trusted names in the asphalt driveway paving and parking lot paving business. The company was started by Dan Looker in 1974 and to this day, he continues to provide residential and commercial asphalt paving services that are reliable and excellently done.

With help of his three sons, Dan Looker gives residents the best asphalt driveway paving service in the Burien, WA area. For nearly 40 years, the company has maintained its tradition of providing reliable, trustworthy and professional asphalt driveway paving and parking lot paving services at affordable rates.

Whether it is driveway or parking lot paving, Dan Looker and his team of trained and skilled professionals will take care of every aspect of the task efficiently and quickly. Their reputation for being one of the top choices in the businesses has earned them the loyalty of many clients in the Burien area.


Burien Driveway Paving


There are many big names in the asphalt driveway paving industry. Many of them have flashy ads to attract clients. However, it is best to go for a company that has a recognized name without fancy gimmicks. Such companies turn out to be the most reliable and the quality of their work is always excellent.

You should ask around and when you find a few companies, ask them for references and find out if they are insured and licensed. Asphalt driveway paving in Burien is an investment for property owners and that is exactly why you should pick the best.

Companies that have years of experience are the best when it comes to asphalt driveway paving. You can trust them to be efficient and quick, without any compromise on the quality of their work. Their team of workers is trained and skilled and also knows the latest techniques and technology available to make their job even better so that you are satisfied 100%!


Burien Parking Lot Paving


Whether it is parking lot paving for commercial buildings or residential asphalt driveway paving, you should always hire a trusted name that has earned its reputation due to hard work, dedication and treating clients with respect. Looker Asphalt Inc. certainly fits the bill and it is a guarantee that you will be satisfied with every project that we do for you.

If you need services for parking lot paving in or around Burien, do not hesitate to call us. You can get a free estimate before we start the project and you can decide if we are the best company for your asphalt requirements. Call immediately and work with the top guys in the business!